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Founded in 2017 under a strong leadership with many years of experience in technology, Vega Fintech Investment Corporation (Vega Fintech) is a pioneering Vietnamese technology company that offers solutions and application for finance, banking and insurance industries, utilizing big data analytics and artificial intelligence (machine learning).

Recent breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence enabled Vega Fintech to develop our financial products, personal credit score and anti-fraud. Vega Fintech aims, through our core products, to empower our partners to expand their market and optimize operation costs.

With our commitment to continuous improvement, Vega Fintech strives to connect Vietnam financial institutions to underserved customers, and bring about value for our community.

Strategic Vision

Vega Fintech aims to become the leading fintech both locally and regionally


To provide a comprehensive technological solution for Vietnam financial and banking industry

Our trusted partners

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